On forgoten trails to crovuri

“Crovurile” are a well-known trekking destination in western Romania. They are located in the Mehedinţi Mountains in the section between DN67 and Herculane.

They are actually huge dolines located in the high plateau of the Mehedinti Mountains. These mountains and the valley of Cerna are populated areas from ancient times, people occupying themselves especially with sheep breeder. For this reason, there are countless access routes from the Cerna valley to the “Crovuri” (good grazing area), but many of them are known only by locals, nowadays fewer.

However, in this tour we have chosen a trail that takes us out of the Cerna valley directly to Poiana Beletina, the most eastern one. From here we continue until the Medvev crov (the largest of them) where, on a shepherd trail, we will descend into the Cerna valley.

Cernei mountains in background

Beletina Doline

The Big Doline

The Big Doline

In background Poienile Porcului (Pig meadows)

Medvev Doline