Sirnea and Magura

The villages located at the foot of Pietrii Craiului: Sirnea, Cave and Magura are a very popular destination among photographers. In winter time, however, they arealso a very good starting point for tours on snowshoes.

We start from Sirnea and cross the Grind meadow and then to the Table to get to Curmatura Chalet. The relatively long route took us almost 6 hours, and that’s when we had almost perfect snow and we were all equipped with snowshoes.

The Curmatura hut perfect placed for a good panorama of the Rucar Bran culoar and the Bucegi Mountains was our destination for an evening. The pleasant atmosphere is also maintained by a generous fireplace and welcoming hosts. The only thing which needs serios improvments is the toilet. It was practically a perfect day for a trail and a nice wood fire evening to be forgotten when people had to go to the toilet … .Romania

The next day we headed to Moeciu with the passage through the Zarnesti Prapastii gorges. Downhill on the blue lane is enjoyable except for the last part where trekking crampons would be of great use in the winter, with plenty of ice in the trail.

Climbing in Magura village we make it on the marathon route and from the village we choose the road that reaches the church and then continue in the easy descent to Moeciu. A 6km route that takes us virtually across Magura village and lets us guess the full turn we’ve done over the past 2 days.