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Cindrel ridge in winter time

In the past 2-3 we got to Cindrel quite often and especially in winter, but the end point was the peak of Cindrel or Steflesti col. We knew the ridge route continued from here to Lake Oasa and it seemed a good route for skiing.

Now since Canaia is a guarded hut the idea of ​​a crossing to Lake Oasa on a skiing tour, but without a tent and other campsite materials came naturally. After a few days of different transportation scenarios, combining two cars and three drivers, we finally call the services of a transport company:

Saturday morning finds us in Sebes where we leave our car and we are taken over by the minibus that takes us to Oasa chalet. Here we started directly from the cottage on the red stripe fresh marked by a Swiss association … without words. In the begining climbing is gentle but then becomes quite steep through a forest with many falling trees that often force us to get out of the way. We are increasingly convinced that the this is the right direction for our traverse because it was quite uncomfortable to get down here. After about 2 hours of good work, we go out large meadows around Oasa Mare peak and enjoy the sun and the snow. From here the road takes us slowly to Cindrel’s peak. As we climb, we begin to see the mountains that surround us: Paring, Sureanu, Lotru. The snow is a little soft and sticks to seals only on the western slopes, but as we climb, it gets more and more ice cream.

At 18 o’clock we all reach Cindrel Peak in time to see the sunset and guess the downhill to Canaia. On the last rays of light we get to the shelter. As usual, the services here are at a height, Doru awaits us with hot meals and heated rooms.

Sunday mornign we aren’t in hurry, we know the route is relatively short. The weather is not as good as yesterday, the clouds have clung to the high peaks and are snowing lightly. We leave from the refuge to the ridge, follow a beautiful descent from the Rozdesti peak and from there we choose to go over the Batrana peak to enjoy the slopes of Poiana Gaujoara. It was a good decision because here we find pulver layer over a hard crust. Before 14 o’clock we are at a coffee in Paltinis where our minibus takes us to Sebes.

A beautiful tour that is divided over 2 days with overnight at Canaia is quite easy (34km and / 1600m).