On Snowshoes in Paring moutains

The word of a “great man” in the winter is not the same as summer is working also for hiking. Besides the clothing required for low temperatures, snow can tangle our plans if we are not prepared.
The less popular in Romania snowshoeing allows us to walk the trails almost regardless of the snow conditions.
After 2 trips in Cindrel and Piatra Craiului, it is now Paringul, where we know that we will find snow in the Groapa Seaca Pass.

We were staying at the Groapa Seaca lodge where from year to year conditions are getting better. On Saturday, our target is the crest that goes from the pass and continues to the top of the Coast lui Rus. The start is at 1550m and the maximum altitude we reach is 1944 at the top of the Shepherd. From the Huluzu col we will descend to the cottage on another route so we have a circuit. Unfortunately, the weather was not too daring with us, the sun remained hidden in the clouds so once you go out from the woods the orientation becomes difficult because of the mist. However, these through the woods and forest we enjoy the snow and a genuine winter landscape.

On Sunday we go to Agatat refuge. This time the sun smiles through the clouds and although still snowing, we can see the ridges and peaks that surround us. To our surprise, we find a good number of members of the San Montan club. The shelter is heated so we take our lunch on the heat. On the descent we get out of the trail and go straight through the snow, enjoy the pulver that spring comes soon.