Grindelwald – first peak

In Heinrich Harrer’s book The White Spider (a chronicle of the first ascents of the Eiger’s northern wall) I first heard of Grindelwald, a small village located at an altitude of 1034m in the Bernin Alps. Ever since I’ve read the book I wanted to get here and look up the mountain for traces of the ascents that for a while were the hottest topic in climbing.

Although in the meantime the village has become a well-known resort, and not just in Europe, they have managed to keep some of the authentic charm that is given by the great Alpine pastures squeezed here and there with chic cottages.
Apparently the Eiger peak with its visible northern wall  is the main star followed closely by the cogwheel railway track that climbs to Jungfraujoch at an altitude of 3454m, out of which a good part through the marshes of the mountain.
The picking was easy, after a short walk through Grindelwald we climbed the First, one of the peaks in the area, to admire the Eiger’s northern wall from the top.