Stechelberg and Wengen

The last village on the Lengwald Valley, Stechelberg is located just 20km away from Interlaken, was our home for a week in May 2018.
Located in a typical U-shaped glacial valley, the village has a special charm. The valley walls have been “cut” by glaciers so abruptly that both sides of the slope are virtually vertical for approximately 200..300m level difference. And if that was not quite quite spectacular in many places, the rivers that come from the overhangs glaciers  plunge into the void, forming numerous enormous waterfalls. In some parts the mountain was “soft” and the water cut it, creating impressive canyons (Truemmelbach being the most famous).
This spectacular mountain scenery dresses the flower in May, and the meadows on both sides of the river are covered with huge dandelions.
We liked very much here in the little cottage I rented, even though the evening after the sun disappeared after the mountain it was very cold and the silence of the night was interrupted quite regularly by the sound of the spring avalanches. It seems, however, that the valley is not a very good destination because the sun shines here only a few hours a day, and that only in the early summer.

Far more sunny are the meadows in the Wengen area at 1274m altitude on the left side the valley. We got here by taking the train from Lauterbrunen, the famous train that goes up to Jungfraujoch. Wengen is now a stylish ski resort and a starting point to the Eiger Peak.
From here we have a very good view of the Lengwald valley and its waterfalls. With departure from Wengen, we chose a small route that took us to Leiterhorn, where we could also admire also the Interlaken area.