Scoala Altfel

Indoor Activities

The “Scoala Altfel” program is a good opportunity to learn things that are not necessarily in school curriculum. In this category goes trekking with all the “disciplines” that include: orientation, nutrition, equipment, visiting rules of the national parks and of the protected areas.

Such information can of course be best assimilated “in the filed” during a trip. But when the weather conditions do not allow or the time interval is short we can have such indoor activities in the classroom or even better in a gym room in the park in front of the school wherever we can get out of the typical school .

Below are two such sessions held in different places under the “Scoala Altfel” program.

  • Together with class 1D students (School 24, Timisoara) in the school program, we have discovered what we have to put in the backpack, how to look at the map, and what rules we must respect when visiting a national park.



  • Yesterday, the children had a little surprise – thank you very much, Florin for the extraordinary presentation and for the beautiful experience the children had:
    1. Virtual tour Retezat National Park – the oldest national park in Romania but also one of the most beautiful. Images and maps with which children have been able to find landmarks. What are the rules that we have to respect when we go there.
    2. Preparation for hiking – because soon the weather will allow us to go hiking: what we need to know when we go on hiking, how to dress, what to put in luggage and last but not least what equipment is necessary. And to make it easy for us, we will have videos, backpacks, tents and all the necessary equipment for hiking.