Vărateca ridge, Țarcu Mountains

We have chosen to face the winter in the mountains, here close to Timisoara, in the Tarcu Mountains. With a yellow code of snow and snow a lap in the alpine hole was not a good idea. The chosen route was the summit of Vărateca, a secondary ridge ending in the Seroni summit.
The choice was good because for the whole tour we were in the windy shelter and we could enjoy nature. The snowy blizzard of the previous days has taped the forest with ice, a superb landscape as seen in the pictures below.
Once we came to Seroni the wind took us in the reception and the classical panorama to Căleanu and Ţarcu was hidden in the clouds. We continued from here on a red stripe to the Jigorii area, where we came down to the cars on the Cracul Pripului route.