Suru in winter

When talking about mountain chalets in Romania, the lack of comfort and the minimum of services are already well-known problems. Few cottages are exceptional … but in the last two winters we have heard good things about the new Suru hut and its owners. If we add further its position in the western extremity of the massif, thus facilitating the access from Timisoara convinced us that it is a suitable place for a winter tour.
The access to the hut can be done on several routes, but the one recommended by the hut keepers is the one that follows the Moașa ridge. The route is quite long but beautiful, climbing is slowly but it takes some time and if we add the road from Timișoara is already enough for a starting day of March.
On Sunday morning, on quite a mixed weather, we begin our climb to the main ridge. We have no footprints, we’re quickly losing the summer route, but that does not really matter because we had 1m of fresh snow. We succeed in 30min to get out of the small valley that takes us out of woods  and from here the snow is more compressed and allows us to go ahead with spore.
We get to the monument without problems, the weather improved a bit but not far from here, the great slope to which we add the ice covered with a thin layer of snow make it impossible for us to go on snowshoes. We decide to go back, and the sun comes up so we can hurry up and take a lot of pictures back to the cars,