Scoala Altfel

Summer camp in Șureanu Mountains

Located at the foot of the Șureanu Mountains (the area also known as the Orăștiei Mountains) the pension we chose for the camp offers us accommodation in rooms of 2, 3 persons and for those who want to stay with friends we are also available 2 apartments each with 2 bedrooms.
The location also has a swimming pool:

The pension has a micro-farm, which is why the culinary preparations come mainly from its own production.
Located near the Dacian fortresses it is the perfect location for easy nature walks but also for visits to important historical sights.

Below you can find the activities we propose for the camp
1. Hiking on Gradiștea Muncelului Peak, the sacred mountain of the Dacians 2. Hiking at Blidaru fortress
3. Guided visit to Corvin Castle
4. Guided visit to Sarmisegetusa Regia
5. Activities specific to an adventure camp:
• making an improvised shelter
• choosing a campsite and installing tents
• orientation in the field with the help of the map and compass;
• Fishing techniques using improvised materials (eg jar)
6. Interactive games
7. Creation workshops: we will build our own toys from materials found in nature or even recyclable materials
8. A day at the farm “(Discovering the specific activities of a farm)
9. Excursion to the forest with the identification of the species of trees and plants
10. Campfire

What I included in the price:
7 days of camp;
6 nights accommodation in the pension 3 daisies, 3 meals / day;
Visit to Sarmisegetusa Regia
Visit to Corvinilor Castle (Hunedoara)
Return and return transport;
Local transport for excursions