Almajului mountains

The origin of the Czech villages (the Czechs in the area are called pemi) is lost in history. They came here during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, starting in 1780, mainly to work in the mines in the area. Their villages, 6 in number today Sf. Elena, Gîrnic, Ravensca, Bigăr, Eibental, Șumița are mainly located on the main ridge of the Almăjului mountains, some gentle mountains that hardly exceed altitudes of 600m.
Although mining is no longer practiced in the area today, thanks to a program run by the Czech Republic, pemii have received funds for the development of small businesses, especially in the field of tourism. This is how today in the mentioned villages there are traditional accommodation units where we can spend the night but also taste products specific to the area. The network of macadam roads combined with traditional tourism have transformed the Almaj area into a perfect destination for MTB tours.
Warms seasons are best for bike rides, especially between April and October. For additional details and organizing tours you can contact us.