Apuseni Mountains

Due to its unique landscapes, but also to the cultural heritage in 2003, the Apuseni Natural Park was born. The park protects the richest and most interesting underground fauna in the country. Traces of prehistoric man, as well as fossils of animals that lived in the Ice Age have been found in several of the caves, along with rare populations of bats.
The slightly gentler relief made them more accessible to the people, which is why the villages and hamlets are scattered almost all over the park, adding a special charm to the landscape.
Not coincidentally, this year in 2019, CNN included the Apuseni Natural Park in the top 20 of the most beautiful destinations in Europe

Scattered villages and hamlets everywhere offer a vast network of roads that are perfect for cycling and here we are talking about Mountain Bike. This combination of paths, roads, objectives makes the Apuseni Natural Park one of our favorite places for cycling.
Warm seasons are best for bike rides, especially between April and October. For additional details and organizing tours you can contact us.