Silagiului Hills and Timiș river

Lunca Timișului, especially the sector between Hitiaș and Șag is the first option in terms of mountain biking when we want to escape from Timișoara. The area is practically directly accessible without the need for bicycle transport, which is a great advantage. Although it does not enjoy the presence of hills, being practically a plain area due to the sand brought by Timiș we do not have problems with the mud so we can cycle even in the winter months. However, spring is the most beautiful season in the Timiș meadow because we can enjoy the diversity of flowers in the area.

The area known as the Silagiu Hills is practically located in the quadrangle Buzia – Lugoj – Soceni / Bocsa – Berzovia. The name comes from the locality Silagiu located 6km west of the resort of Buziaș, a town known especially for its vineyards. Covered mostly by oak forests and without major differences in level, with a well-developed road network, the Silagiu Hills are a territory waiting to be discovered. One of the great attractions here is Lunca Pogănișului (Pogăniș is one of the few rivers in our country that has its source in the hill area) area that houses a rare flower, the motley tulip. For additional details and the organization of tours you can contact us.