Retezat Mountains

It is probably the most known and frequented massive in western Romania. Certainly the biggest attraction of the massif are the nearly 100 glacial lakes (58 permanent lakes and 40 temporary lakes). Among those lakes there is the lake with the largest surface in Romania, Bucura (8.8ha), respectively the deepest lake Zanoaga (29m) and one of the highest glacial lakes in Romania, Taul Portii (2230m).

Besides the lakes the peaks of the massif, out of which Peleaga and the Papusa are over 2500 m, offer in good weather conditions a beautiful panorama over the neighboring massifs.

The area is protected since 1935, being the first national park in Romania and since 1980 the Retezat is listed as a biosphere reserve. This has helped to preserve a relatively intact habitat so tourist can still see in the Retezat large juniper areas, Zimbru, flower, chamois, marmots, etc.





Summer is the most suitable season for hiking in the Retezat massif especially during June-October. Winter hiking can be done on snow rockets but access is more limited. For more details and organizing the tours you can contact us.