2023 Program

Ținutul Pădurenilor on Moutain Bike
6,7 mai

Located in the Poiana Ruscă mountains, the Forest Land is an area located on gentle mountain peaks between 800-1100m altitude. Most of the inhabitants of these villages, known as foresters, were engaged in mining and iron production. The network of macadam roads that connect the villages together, as well as the various historical sights, the Corvinir castle, the Govâjdia furnace (the oldest in Europe), the marble road make this area a paradise for MTB tours.

Retezatul Mic – canions and orchids
9-11 june

Retezat Mic or Piule-Iorgovan as they are also called are a subdivision of the Retezat mountains characterized by the calcareous rock from which they are formed. This rock has created a unique relief in our country with deep gorges called by the locals skocs, large slabs and imposing peaks.On this relief in the meadows protected by centuries-old forests, a paradise of flowers is waiting to be discovered. Rare species of florins and orchids of which we only mention the lady’s slipper (the queen of orchids in Romania) are waiting to be discovered.

În Godeanu moutains with tents
4-6 august

The Godeanu Massif is surrounded on all sides by other large mountains, Țarcu to the North and West, Cernei and Mehedinți to the South and West and to the East it is bordered by Retezat. This positioning makes Godeanu a less traveled mountain where hikers can enjoy unspoiled nature. Further up in these mountains was Gugu peak, one of the places said to have been used as a place of refuge by the Dacian god Zamolxe. In our tour we will cover most of the main ridge of the massif and of course among other climbed peaks we will climb Vf. Gugu. We will sleep in the tent.

Peaks of the Balkans
12-20 august

Peaks of the Balkans is a hiking route in the Dinaric Alps that crosses 3 countries: Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo. It was developed in 2012 and has a length of 195km, respectively 10000m positive level difference.The route is in a circuit, which means that regardless of which country you leave from, after the 10 days of the route (that’s the recommended duration), you can reach where you left.Each stage ends in a mountain village or a small resort where you can find accommodation and food, which allows you to go quite easily.

Pădurea Craiului Mountains on MTB
25-27 august

The tour is quite ambitious and spans 3 days.


We will discover on MTB hidden trails on Pădurea Craiului Mountains. They are not very tall but since they are inhabited the network of country roads make them very suitable for our tours. Exocarst relief is very spectacular here and we mention gorges, carstic plateaus but also beautiful caves will make our breaks very interesting.  Accommodation will be at guesthouses where we will also be able to have meals so that the luggage is as light as possible.

Tatra Mountains
30 august – 3 sept

Located on the border between Slovakia and Poland, the Tatra Mountains represent the northernmost subdivision of the Carpathian Mountains. Also here we find the highest peak, Gerlach with its 2654m. Dotted with glacial lakes, tall peaks that exceed 2500m, but also a network of well-maintained huts and trails, these mountains are a paradise for nature and hiking lovers