Carasului Gorge

Carasului gorges are situated along the river with the same name, more precisely the sector between the mouth of Comarnic and the village of Carasova. The upper part of the keys, harder to reach, located between the mouth of Comarnic and Prolaz, is declared a reservation. Here, on the limestone rocks we can find specific plant and rare plant associations such as sipica, bush, black nettle, etc.

The accessible hiking part is located between the village of Carasova and Prolaz. Throughout this area, there are several wild caves (Carsa, or Bats Cave), meadows from where you can admire the gorge’s walls, but also sectors where the trail is narrow and dug directly into the rock.

Prolaz meadow, a beautiful place to stop offers the opportunity to escape from the gorges on a pastoral path that leads us to the village of Iabalcea. Tourists can visit Comarnic cave, the longest cave in Banat (4040m).

The 2 objectives, the Gorge and the Cave, can be done in one day and the routes are accessible throughout the year. For more details and organizing the tours you can contact us.