Paring Mountains

Paring is the second massive in terms of height in Romanian Carpathians. Its main ridge stretches over a length of about 40km and along it no fewer than 25 peaks exceed the altitude of 2000m, the maximum point being reached by the peak of Paringul Mare, 2519m.

As in Retezat, the valleys and Paring ridges were carved by glaciers, their traces being still visible today through a multitude of glacial lakes, of which we mention only a few: Mija, Carja, Green Lake, Calcescu.

The access in the area is facilitated by the presence of two ski resorts (Paring and Ranca) and an altitude road (Transalpina).





Summer is the most suitable season for hiking in the Paring massif especially during June – October. Winter hiking can be done on snowshoes but access is more limited. For further details and organizing the tours you can contact us.