Zermatt and Matterhorn

Although it’s already mid-May, the snow is still high, it seems to have fallen somewhat more than usual. In these conditions, we have few trekking options in the area, in fact 2: we can climb up to Riffelalp one of the Gornegrat train stations or visit Zmutt. We chose both.
Getting to Riffelalp has nothing special, we basically win the level difference through a forest of larix and we have two 2 belvedere points from where we can admire Matterhorn. Once you get there, we are basically on a platform at 2200m where the panorama is almost 360 degrees so it eventually deserved the effort. There is also the option to take the train when needed.
The other tour, to Zmutt village, is much more beautiful. On climbing we chose the road that accompanies the Zmuttbach stream which is a kind of trekking highway. The village is very picturesque, situated at the foot of the Matterhorn, with the few houses that make it covered with slate, a specific of Valais mountains. From here downhill we took another route on a path that leads us without losing any altitude until above the Zermatt resort for a spectacular panorama.